Manager’s Report
April 18, 2019

Building: The window washers were here on Monday and as usual did a nice job. As you may or may not know we have a contract with them for doing the cleaning 4 times a year. Their next visit will be in July and a final visit in October.

The hot water heaters are going in very smoothly. General Plumbing is doing a great job with scheduling and their service men, the two Andrews, are very nice and are doing a very good job. We have had nothing but good feedback from everyone so far.

We had a couple issues with the elevators since our last meeting. Elevator #3 on the 2450 side had the biggest problem with some shorted out wires and it needed a special part that required ordering so it took a few days to get the elevator running properly. What was happening was that the cab would skip certain floors then come back to the floor that was requested originally. This same elevator had a problem last month which I noted in last month’s report. That also required a part that needed to be ordered which delayed the repair.
I would like to get the doors to the FPL Vault Room replaced as soon as possible. The cost of this would be $9,656.00 and would be done by the same company that did the doors on our roof and the one in the garage. There are 2 big double doors for the FPL room. 

Generator: The generator company, TAW, is ordering parts for our generator at this time. When the parts get in they will start working on our generator. The cost of these repairs will be just over $11,000.00. TAW says these repairs should get our generator working properly. After the repairs we still need the new exhaust system, which will cost another $11,000.00 to fix. I have had our fuel tank flushed and the fuel filtered as I do each year to make sure the fuel is not going to cause any problems and we had a new gauge put in to tell us just how much fuel we have. 

Outside: We met with the Paving Lady a couple weeks ago to go over a number of items with them before we start on the parking lot resurface. I wanted to make sure we could do some trenching to lay pipes down for electrical and fiber optics for the cameras that will eventually go in the parking lot. We are now waiting for them to give us the final numbers for the resurfacing. I would like to get this job done by the end of May. 

I went over a number of items with our landscaper this past week. I told him to replace the dead plants along the front wall and also weed the entire bed; they weeded, but did not replace the dead plants yet. A lot of the plants are growing up the wall nicely but some areas are really lagging. I told Juan to concentrate on those areas. I also told him to replace any dead or dying plant around the property. Again, he has removed but not replaced yet.

This ends my report.

Jim Dewey

The Envoy Condominium Association