Hello Neighbor - I am writing to update you on the "goings-on" at The Envoy.  Many of you head up north for the summer, and in the past had no idea what had been happening at your Florida home during your time away. And, for those of you who call Envoy your permanent home, if you do not come to regular board meetings, you, too, may be unaware of "what's up". Well, things have changed and periodic emails will be going out from now on, thanks in part to the recent hiring of an  Assistant, Pamela Melvin;  you recently heard her name from her message to you several days ago. By the way, only Jim's address is visible above, as Pam "hides" all other addresses in the interest of privacy.
 So, what's up? 
Your Board of Directors is continuing to explore the redecoration of our North One room facilities; it was agreed several months ago that a face lift or update is needed. As of this writing, the Redecorating Committee & Board has tentatively selected an Interior Designer.  Our project is still in the formative stages, and, most importantly, will not require a special assessment, or loan.
As to Personnel & Staffing, Ben retired after 30+ years here as our doorman. As mentioned, Pamela was hired to work part-time, 3 days per week, from 9am to 2pm. On a very sad note, Don's wife passed away recently.  Additionally, Bill Luth has been out of commission for a few months; he is now recovering in a rehab facility, and I am glad to report, he is doing much better.

Regarding landscaping, the Committee has been working tirelessly in this heat to enhance our surroundings - things look great!

As to security, we are seriously looking into upgrading & expanding our security to include a digital camera system throughout the parking lot and various other areas.

Regarding our generator, we are considering the purchase of a new one, with conversion from our noisy diesel to natural gas (connect to city lines). Obviously, with hurricane season upon us, this decision will wait for several months. We'll be bringing in a Consultant/Engineer for expert recommendations. Regarding our elevators, everything is up to code and with regular maintenance/inspections, things should be fine. We talked about doing some cleaning up or possibly even some refurbishing to the cabs, but nothing is specific yet. We had a consultant do a study on our elevators a few years ago and we'll likely revisit that process soon.

Financially, we continue to be in a very safe & sound condition, with a Reserve account of approx. $1.2 million. As to our budget, we are slightly ahead on revenues and slightly below on our expenses - all good! Our CPA-prepared, audited, year end 2017 financial statement supported the above comment about our condition, since it contained only a few minor exceptions, each of which have been addressed or are in process of being resolved.

By the way, we had a catered BBQ in early June & believe it or not, we had 70 attendees. A great time was had by all - stay tuned, I believe a Pizza Party is planned for September.

Regarding Banyan Cay, the project is now moving ahead at a rapid pace. Please refer to their web sites for updated info:  http://www.banyancay.com.   

That's about it, and I know this was lengthy; but I think more information is sometimes better, especially for those of you who are away during the summer months & previously received no Envoy updates (except some costly mailings) unless you communicated with a staff member or full time neighbor !

Thank you, 
Ron Gentile,

on behalf of your Board of Directors


            President's letter                   June 2018