President's letter                August 2018

Hi Envoy Neighbor:

 It's been awhile since I updated you all on the latest activities going on at The Envoy.  We had a board meeting last Thursday, August 23rd, as we had a quorum (6 directors in attendance).  This was not the case in July.  We had to cancel that meeting on the set date, due to the lack of a quorum. 

We recently had the 1st floor walls & ceiling, and mailrooms, including lobby ceiling, repainted. The 1st floor was in need of a clean-up, as the walls & doors were badly scuffed, due to contractors & carts regularly bumping into the walls. The color is slightly lighter and I think it gives a brighter look, which, hopefully, you'll agree. 
The Board approved the hiring of an Interior Designer/Decorator named Dan Cazzorla to assist in the redecorating of the North One club room, with a budget of $125 thousand. The Redecorating Committee, led by co-chairs Doug Turner & Barbara Leff, had several meetings with different designers and recommended Mr. Cazzorla to the Board. However, in light of time constraints the project would likely infringe on the normal opening of our North One Club.  It was decided to put the job off until April-May 2019.  Meanwhile, the Committee has lots of time to work with the Decorator to revitalize our club room.  By the way, due to good fiscal management, there will be NO need to do a special assessment for this expensive facelift. The Board did, however, approve a $20 thousand budget to clean up the North One kitchen & adjacent storage area to include new cabinets, counter top, appliances (except refrigerator), new flooring, and repainting. Again, we have the monies in our budget for this job, too.  And, this job will be done soon, in time for the North One club opening.

As you already know from an earlier email, we have a new Office Manager, Pam Melvin.  She will continue to keep our Resident Directory up to date, embellish our website, as well as handling the various resident inquiries and telephone calls.

Regarding our financial condition, we continue to be in a very good position, with Reserves of slightly more than $1.2 million as of July 31st.  And, we have extra $ in our operating cash account balances to do our North One club room remodeling project.  Also, we had set up a Contingency account of $40 thousand in our 2018 budget, from which monies will be used to pay for our kitchen/adjacent storage room redo. 

As to security, our Manager has been working with our resident communications expert, Gary Plavin, in adding more cameras around The Envoy, such as in the parking lots and other areas.  Gary has also spearheaded an update to our North One sound system, which should be ready soon. Thanks Gary!

One of our board members, Maureen Heller, took care of having our lobby curtains, drapes, and rugs professionally cleaned, as well as a chair(s) spot cleaned. Thanks Maureen!

Landscaping looks super and even better of late, as there was some intense manicuring/trimming done by our landscaper. Suzanne Gentile, Martha Turner & other volunteers have continued their work of planting and trimming around the building. In the past, there were various ugly, unkept areas along the walls of the parking lots (facing vehicles) and around the shuffleboard court; now, there's not a bare spot - all filled in with plants & cacti.  I can assure you that this work was done with a nominal budget and my hat goes off to these ladies, who do this work in some stifling heat.  There has also been a huge undertaking of trimming dead tree limbs and fronds by our landscaper.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Ron Gentile, President, on behalf of your BOD