Q & A of interest to owners, residents and visitors.

Q:I am looking for a better clarification of the Envoy rental/leasing policy that has been mentioned a number of times, can you expand on this issue?... R.A

A: The Envoy is an owner residential community and in common with other Lands of the President buildings, does not encourage investor owners or rentals or leases.

The Condominium rules under which we operate state that an owner may rent/lease their unit for a period of time of no less than 3 months nor more than 2 years and that no more than one lease may be permitted in any 2 year period. Lease extensions or renewals are considered New Leases and not permitted within this rule (a short term lease, minimum of 3 months, or typically one year , may be "extended" providing the total lease term(s) do(es) not exceed 2 years) . In addition there must be a one year hiatus between leases under which the unit may not be leased. This means that if a unit owner enters into a lease of less than two years with a tenant they may not extend or renew or renegotiate the lease until a one year period passes during which the unit may not be leased. If the lease is for two years then the one year hiatus rule also applies. This does not apply to the tenant since they can lease another unit in the building. And of course all leases must be submitted to Management PRIOR to the effective date so as to enable our processing a reference and credit check of the proposed tenant and to approve or disapprove the lease. No new tenant is allowed to enter the unit until this process is completed.

Q: What is the current pet policy at the Condo.

A: The Envoy has a pet policy that permits each unit to have up to 2 domestic animals such as cats, birds, dogs  or similar, each not exceeding 15 lbs. The 15 Lb. maximum applies to all ages of animals and to all potential weight gains. A pet exceeding the 15 Lb maximum weight limit must be removed from the property, this to prevent large animals as young ones who might fall within the weight limit only to grow to exceed the maximum weight allowed. All pets are to be carried from the unit through the hallways, elevator and interior areas to the outside of the building. All "walking the dog" must be off premises and not on any portion of the Envoy property. Objectionable dog behavior or achieved weight in excess of 15 Lbs. is subject to Fining Committee review and fine of up to $250 and/or required removal of the animal from the premises.